Submit your first patch to


Just some basic pre-requisites:

  • A laptop with a local Drupal site running.
  • The site should be installed via git.
  • Terminal and/or gitbash
  • A account.
  • Join the official slack channel -¬†
  • Willingness to contribute
Workshop Details

In this workshop, I am planning to do a hands-on walk-through of how contributions could be made on starting from the very basics. Planning to divide the workshop into different sections:

Introduction (15 mins):

  1. Importance and benefits of contributions.
  2. Type of contributions you can make on - the main focus of the workshop being around the issue queues.
  3. Introduction to the issues queues and its various components.

Get started with patches - reroll (1h):

  1. Introduction to git-based workflow of creating patches.
  2. Finding your first issue from the issue queue to work on (patch-reroll).
  3. Walk-through of how to reroll a patch. Guiding everyone to do this.

Creating your first patch (30m or as time permits):

  1. Finding an issue to work on (novice).
  2. Going through the feedback in the comments and getting started with the interaction.
  3. Applying the patch which needs change and making the changes.
  4. Creating the patch.
  5. Introduction to interdiffs and a way to create them.

Planned changes on

  1. Gitlab integration.
  2. Next phase - PR reviews?

Conclusion & QnA

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