Speaker agreement

The Speaker Agreement outlines the expected responsibilities of Drupalcamp Pune speakers. It is considered that by submitting a session you accept the agreement.


Speaker profiles

I will fill out my user profile, including full name and a photo, with the understanding that my session may not display properly if this information is not provided in time for the schedule.


Session integrity

Sessions are selected based on a combination of content, speaker experience and description. If a session was selected, it was selected as it was submitted, and any changes to the content or speaker team need to be approved by the program team. Please note, the program team reserve the right to remove a session at their own discretion, including but not limited to if dramatic changes are made to the session’s content or speaker team.


Session preparation

I understand that speaking at Drupalcamp Pune is both a great honor and responsibility. If I am unable to devote the time and energy to this effort, I will notify the Drupalcamp Pune planning team so that my session can be replaced.

I understand that if I am participating on a panel that I am expected to communicate with the other speakers on my session before the event. I understand that if I am delivering a group or solo presentation, I am expected to spend a significant amount of time preparing for my session before the event.

To aid in schedule planning, I will also communicate any of the following with my track chair:

  • Schedule conflicts

  • Session format (panel, Q+A, etc…)

  • Technical requirements/requests

  • Changes to my speaker lineup


Obtaining consent

I understand that I am responsible for obtaining any required consents, permissions, and clearances to display or otherwise use any materials (both visual and audio) that I incorporate in my session.


Promoted content

I understand that my session is for information sharing purposes only and that it is not a marketing opportunity. I agree that I will not use my session to promote any company, brand, or product.


Staying on topic and on time

I understand that staying focused on the topic outlined in the title and description of my session is extremely important. During my session, I pledge to stay focused on the topic at hand and make sure that the information presented adheres to the difficulty level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) designated for my session.