Pixel Perfect! Web

Session Details

Pixel perfect is the process where you take every element in consideration, down to individual pixels. For example: if a Photoshop is given to you, you need to use your HTML/CSS skills to make sure that every inch is equal to what it’s in the PSD.

This session will cover below topics:

# What is Pixel Perfect! Web?

# Is pixel perfect web possible?

# Fixed and Fluid layout

# Units (%, px, em, rem)

# Calculations (width/padding/margin)

# Image/Video ratio

# 1x & 2x concept

# Web extensions

Attendees should be familiar with: Basic Knowledge of front-end.

What will you get?
You will get the knowledge of pixel perfect web and it’s a possibility with what we need to do for achieving pixel perfect.

Track: Front-end

Experience Level