Multi-turn Conversation With Alexa

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Fast forward to 2019 and we can see rapid developments on voice assistants. As mobile users are increasing exponentially every passing day it would be fair to assume that voice searches will too rise in a similar way. Millions of users are doing voice search using Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, etc

Voice commerce represents the next major disruption in the retail industry, and just as e-commerce and mobile commerce changed the retail landscape, shopping through smart speaker promises to do the same.

In a conversation, each participant takes turns to speak. Asking Alexa to set alarm, set reminder, play a song, set the volume is not a technical conversation. This is called a single-turn conversation. A conversation like this doesn’t maintain the context and if a user asks something around the same it will be brand new query.

That’s where multi-turn dialog comes into the picture. By using dialog management, Alexa custom skill can engage in a multi-turn conversation with the user to collect a set on the necessary information and then process it, As a result, the experience becomes more conversational and personal. In addition to dialog management, the skill has been updated to use entity resolution. This adds flexibility to the interaction.

In this session, we will take a closer look at how to integrate Alexa multi-turn dialog management with Drupal 8. We started integrating Drupal commerce & Alexa around building a plugin for Drupal commerce for placing orders and would like to share our experience and learnings around the same.


The talk will be focused on:

  • Role of multi-turn dialog.

  • Alexa dialog interface integration with Drupal 8 

  • Multi-turn and context chaining

  • When to use single-turn or multi-turn dialog

  • Demo around a conversational UX with Drupal Commerce


Take-away for attendees:

  • Fair knowledge of integrating Alexa dialog management with Drupal 8.

  • Fair understanding of Alexa dialog management.

  • Do’s and don’t while incorporating multi-turn dialog management.

  • Tooling around integration with Drupal.

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