JSON:API - An OOTB approach for API first Drupal

Session Details

Drupal 8.7 ships with JSON:API which makes a solid and stable path to support decoupled Drupal through standardization of payload structures and query string parameters.

The session will cover an introduction of the JSON:API specifications and how it compares with the Drupal 8 core REST module, when to go for JSON:API and what JSON:API can't do. We will also learn about why it made sense for JSON:API to be added to Drupal core.

You will also learn how to use the zero-configuration JSON:API module provides a standardized API for exposes resources, interacting with relationships between resources (entity references), fetching of only the selected fields, and filtering, sorting and paginating collections of resources.

The Session will cover:

  # An overview of JSON:API module
  # Comparision with Drupal 8 core REST module
  # GET requests for filters, sorting & pagination
  # POST requests
  # Gotchas


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