Gaining performance using React with drupal

Session Details

1. React drupal- Architecture design

2. React core and SPA basics
    a. Component-based design 
    b. React reconciliation 
    c. React fiber

3. How to consume drupal from react.
    a. API based approaching

4. Leveraging the best of React and Drupal.
    a. Better code reusability with react.
    b. Better testability with react framework.
    c. Code split and better code management

5. Speed up loading with react.
    a. Reducing backend call using local cache.
    b. Smaller filesize help to load faster in low bandwidth.
    c. Lazy loading.

6. Cross-platform support 
    a. Web-based application. 
    b. Mobile application using react-native.

  • Anupam
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