Session Tracks

Beyond Drupal:

Drupal was born at a time when the web was simply HTML pages serving to desktop computers; in the 15 years since technology -- and our relationship to it -- have undergone massive changes. Where does Drupal fit in a world where the web is everywhere, on every device, in every room in our house and in our vehicles? What role can we play in home automation, conversational interfaces, and ubiquitous AI?

Business & Leadership:

The Business and leadership track is aimed at attendees looking for actionable advice and ideas from business owners, operators, and executives on how to manage and grow their business successfully. Sessions in this track will be non-technical, aimed at generating ideas and inspiration for recruiting and hiring, improving company culture, sales and marketing, digital strategy, and products and service offerings.

QA, Devops & Infrastructure:

This track is focused on Drupal development; the workflows, tools and patterns that surround developing Drupal applications at any scale. This track is targeted to Drupal developers and those who want to become one.

Testing isn’t an exciting topic in most CI/CD discussions. There’s no point in being resentful over the reality that—in many cases—DevOps simply neglects the roles of QA and testing. Like many roles outside QA, many DevOps engineers continue to maintain the assumption that conventional exploratory, ad-hoc, and manual testing is quite sufficient.

Drupal + Backend:

With core Drupal 8 now mature, the contrib space is rapidly maturing, now is an excellent time to get more deeply involved with one of the world’s largest open-source development communities. The Drupal + Backend track is focused on educating developers on the latest. This track focuses on topics related to Site building and Custom Module Development.


This track is focussed at sessions pertaining to how you run your Drupal focused business. It will cover the marketing, management, and delivery of Drupal services and products. It shall be the focus of the non-technical sessions.

A community session focuses more on the people that make all this happen. Could include lessons from other open-source projects, historical perspectives on the Drupal community, sprint/camp/user group planning tips and lessons learned.

Frontend and Web Design:

Design, Theming and User Experience (UX) form the foundation of all interactions on the web and requires consideration beyond the web. The Drupal 8 front end includes a wide variety of approaches: not just Drupal theming, but headless and decoupled as well.

Meanwhile, outside the Drupal world, web design and frontend development are changing at a dizzying pace in recent years. Show us what you know! What are your solutions for theming, UX and JavaScript in Drupal 8? Which trends are here to stay and will shape the future of Drupal?