Too Many Project Methodology Can Spoil Drupal Projects

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what happens when you start working on a project which turns your way of working upside down? How do you keep your sanity and support your team while keeping your client happy?

 Everything is different, from deployments and workflows to conflicting Scrum methodology and many people wearing a Project Manager hat. Don't even get me started on disparate terminology. The bottleneck is a timebox? 

With a multi-business owner sign-off process and a complex organization structure, no decision is quickly or easily won.

I can’t tell you how to fix your client woes, but I can tell you what's worked for us.

Session Details/Overview

About the session:

  • Project Decision Tree
  • Choosing the right team members
  • Tradition Vs Agile approach
  • Plan-Do-Check-Act
  • Retrospective
  • Where are we going? 
  • Take a break
  • Bounceback

Key takeaways

  • Learn to choose the right project methodology 
  • Learn about Scrum Ceremony and implement successfully
  • Learn the Principles of Agile
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