Drupal RESTful API Development with signifying role as catalyst in Emerging technologies.


- Knowledge of REST Server

- CRUD operations

- Basics methods POST, GET, DELETE, PATCH

Workshop Details

API Development in Drupal 8

- Folder Structure

- Brief of HTTPClient and Guzzle API

- Available contributed modules and Out of box APIs

- Custom API Development for CRUD operations

- Authentication methods

- PYTHON basics with flask package.

- Artificial Intelligence for Drupal User Sign-in using Face Recognition [Brief of PYTHON API development and consuming API in Drupal 8]

- Brief of Neural Network Models + Installation of NLP model.

- Creating Endpoint in PYTHON and consuming in Drupal.

- Hands-on experience in identifying duplicate content while creating a new node.

- Insights of AI in Drupal 8 [Way ahead Drupal with Emerging technology].

Session Track
Experience Level