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  2. Basic programming knowledge
Workshop Details

Drupal Campus Ambassador Programme
A community initiative to foster Open Source in Education

Drupal campus ambassador programme (DrupalCAP) is the Drupal Community Initiative which aims to introduce Drupal to  universities and engineering colleges across the globe by creating a network of Drupal Campus ambassadors (DCA) across different universities and engineering colleges of India


  • Promote Open Source in Edu Institutions through Drupal
  • Meet the Demand of skilled Drupal resource for Jobs and Internship
  • Introduce Students to Drupal Community and Enable them to contribute to Open Source 
  • Bridge the gap between Industry and Educational institutes 

Evangelize Drupal in educational institutions.

  • Build an ecosystem where we nurture Drupal talent at grassroot level.
  • Make student understand and learn the ethos of open source with Drupal which is a perfect example of Open Source.
  • Build a strong Drupal value chain and attract Drupal based organizations for recruitment and Internship. 

Students Advantage

  • Opportunity to lead DCAP, Evangelize and build a Drupal community in your university and college 
  • Mentoring by a seasoned Drupal Professional from your regional community 
  • Opportunity to travel to Drupal Events in your regions and Drupal Camps happening across.
  • Opportunity to travel to DrupalCon
  • Opportunity to get Internship 
  • Enable entrepreneurship spirit 

Industry Advantage

  • Skilled Drupal Resources 
  • A way to contribute back to community by funding and participating 
  • Gives a channel for organizations to absorb Drupal talent 
  • Active collaboration with young minds to expose the industry problem and get innovative solutions
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