Acquia Certification Study - Quantitative Approach

  • Participants are assumed to be Drupal Developers.
  • At least 6 months of Drupal experience is highly expected.
Workshop Details

The workshop will aim at a Quantitative Approach towards getting prepared for Acquia Certification. We will start with Site Builder and get onto the journey of becoming a Grandmaster.

Targeted Audience

Drupal Developers who have been preparing and willing to appear for Acquia Drupal 8 Certifications will get benefited from this session. 

How this workshop will be beneficial for participants?

Participants will be more clear in terms of the format and scenario patterns of the certification exams. They will also get measurable ways of study preparation.

Workshop Syllabus

Here are the topics that we will be covering.

01. Analogy - How the questions are set up?

We will cover how exactly the way Acquia is building the question or scenario repository and scrutiny process of including any question as a part of the certification.

02. Question Patterns - Is it theoretical or practical?

We will cover certain question patterns so it gets better for understanding the questions or scenarios.

03. The difference between Being  right and Following Best Practice

We will check and understand some of the scenarios wherein we often get confused between what is right and what is best practice.

04. Certification Focus

  • Drupal 8 Site Builder

  • Drupal 8 Developer

  • Drupal 8 Frontend Specialist
  • Drupal 8 Backend Specialist

05. Practical Scenarios

We will explore some practical scenarios on Drupal 8 live instance through the control panel.

06. Coding Exercises

We will explore some practical coding exercises in terms of understanding the nature or way of the questions are being presented and understood.

07. Workshop Material

Workshop material will be given to all the participants over GitHub and GoogleDrive.

Session Track
Experience Level