Site Building - Using Layout Builder

Session Details

Layout Builder offers the ability to customise the layout of your content where you start by choosing predefined layouts for different sections of the page and then populate those layouts with one or more blocks. That is, it gives you a UI with a visual preview and supports using multiple layouts together. It lets you place blocks in layout regions and create layouts for separate pieces of content.

Theming with layout builder is going to revolve around two main template types:

* the templates for your custom layouts (or template overrides of core layouts)

* and the components you place in the layouts (blocks, rendered entities, views, ect)


Session Outline:

1. Introduction about Layout Builder.

2. Why it’s Important?

3. Block types (Banner, Slideshow, etc)

4. Work around with Layout builder.

5. Image & Media Embed

6. Demo - Examples:

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