Good UX = Accessible UI design

Session Details

Accessibility is often viewed as making your site work on screen readers. In reality, web accessibility is a subset of User Experience (UX) focused on making your websites usable by the widest range of people possible, including those who have disabilities.

We'll be talking about few myths or misunderstanding about A11y that people have such as:

  • # Accessibility helps disabled people access the website.
  • # Accessibility is for blind.
  • # Making website accessible is difficult and expensive.
  • # Its code that needs to be accessible, etc


This session will have take away points for developers, designers as well as content editors. A better understanding about how we call for accessibility at each phase of web development life cycle.

We'll be ending this session by talking around Drupal core features around accessibility so that we don't overdo things and simply use Drupal in an efficient way to make our websites accessible.

The session will cover:

  • # What is Accessibility?
  • # WCAG and its conformance levels.
  • # Accessibility at each phase of web development lifecycle.
  • # Best practices and how to use proper structural elements.
  • # A11y tools.
  • # Tips and tricks.
  • # Accessibility features in Drupal.
Experience Level