Account Farming through pre-sales, discovery, development and support phases of the project

Session Details

We often limit the importance of Account Farming only to Sales Team or Profiles.

Ideally existence Account Farming activity is very much presence during importance phases of the project such as

  • - Pre-sales
  • - Discovery
  • - Development
  • - Support


This session will cover Hunters and Farmers from Account Farming perspective. We will also look at more elaborated business case wherein we will validate the importance other team profiles (apart from Sales team).

Here are some of the questions that we can get addressed:

  1. - Is sales team the only profile responsible for account farming?
  2. - How exactly various roles in the team fit into Hunters or Farmers?
  3. - In what exact manner development team can contribute for Account Farming?
  4. - As team member - will you be a part of Hunters or Farmers - Let's find out this during the session.


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