Drupal - The Youthquake of Today!

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"Ask yourself if what you're doing today is getting you closer to where you want to  be tomorrow"

Inspiring youth is an important and challenging job. I have been working as an HR in UniMity Solutions for past 2 years. And I have been dealing with 2 Genre of Youths. 

  1. PHP Developers - We recruit experienced PHP developers and give them an opportunity to learn and work in Drupal. This is a part of our recruitment process. 

  2. Freshers - Drupal hands on experience sessions is organized in various colleges in and around Chennai and also given internship offers in Drupal. 

My experience so far in organizing Drupal training is amazing. I met many students  that will stay with me forever. My goal as a Drupal organizer is to give students a comfortable environment to learn and be influenced. And I am focusing more on encouraging young women into Drupal. 

Drupal is a freely available open-source software. Probably the most important way to support any community is mentorship. You’ll learn why inspiring youngsters is important and how it can benefit you in the community and in your life–personal and professional.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why Drupal?
  • Benefit of being a part of Open Source Platform
  • Give back to Drupal.
  • Encouraging more  young women into Drupal
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