Getting ready for Drupal 9? Then How to prepare for Drupal 9?

Session Details
  • In this i will talk about:
  • What’s New in Drupal 9?
  • How to prepare for Drupal 9?
  • How to best prepare your Drupal 8 site for a smooth upgrade experience?
  • When Do I Need To Upgrade To Drupal 9?
  • What are all the ways to Prepare Site and Team For Drupal 9
  • How to Know If You Are Using Deprecated Code?
  • When you should plan to move to Drupal 9?
  • Preparing for use of Twig 2 in Drupal 9?
  • How to Prepare for Drupal 8 Upgrade?
  • Deprecation checking and correction tools to prepare for Drupal 9?
  • What About Drupal 7?
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