Central E-Commerce System using Drupal

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We all know the capabilities and advantages of using Drupal Commerce for our E-Commerce Website. It provides a lot of important features such as Product Management, Store Management, Checkout Flows, and Promotions. It can be very easily customized for our requirements as well as have a good set of contributed modules to add extra functionalities. In the case of a single website, it acts as a very good solution for all E-Commerce related problems. 

Sometimes we have a system in which sell products through various websites and use a 1 single portal for management. Is Drupal commerce fit for those kinds of the system?

In this session, we are going to explore various alternatives for creating a central e-commerce system.

1. Drupal Commerce in Central System and Linked Websites (Content Synchronisation using Entity Share/Deploy Module).

2. Drupal Commerce in Central System and Headless Linked Websites(Product Content Accessed using REST APIs).

3. Magento in Central System and Drupal Commerce in Linked Websites (Product Data fetched using REST APIs and stored in Drupal).

I am going to explain the merits and demerits of all the types, effort estimation and open source solution already built to solve these kinds of problems.

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