GatsbyJS: Get blazing speed with less deployment cost

Session Details

GatsbyJS ( is a static site generator with React and GraphQL baked in. With Drupal moving towards the API first approach and now JSONAPI module moved to Drupal Core, it makes easier to serve the content to GatsbyJS. Learn how GatsbyJS lets you use Drupal as the backend for a completely static site. How can it help you to reduce the cost of the infrastructure considerably yet gives the blazing fast site!


This talk will primarily focus upon:

  1. What is GatbsyJS?

  2. When and where we can use GatsbyJS.

  3. Comparison between hosting a Drupal site and Gatsby Site.

  4. Integrating Drupal with GatsbyJS.

  5. How to handle personalization and private content?

  6. Demo: Using Drupal as backend and GatsbyJS to generate the static site.

Experience Level