Workflow in distributed Drupal team's

Session Details


Prerequisite for attendees

  • Drupal 8 projects are mostly bigger and more complex than Drupal 7.  
  • To deliver D8 projects you need a team, not only a single developer.  
  • To deliver good quality software on time you need a good workflow. 

Session Details

  1. How we work in bigger Drupal projects (2-8 team members, 3 or more months)
  2. How we handle support for our clients (development work for less than 40 hours per month)
  3. How we work in a distributed team and don’t decrease our quality.
  4. What process we automated 
  5. How looks everyday work of our developers
  6. What tools/software we use to deliver good quality products
  7. The learning process in our projects 

Key takeaways

  • Make a self-organized and cross-functioning distributed Drupal team.
  • How to set-up the best JIRA board for your team.
  • The JIRA set-up helps to give a proper picture to your client. 
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