Writing Effective and Maintainable CSS for your Drupal theme

Session Details

Writing CSS for a project can be a painful task. Especially when you are not comfortable with it. A lot of developers don’t want to do CSS development. I can do everything you want, but nah! No CSS. At the beginning of the project, things can be simple. A few selectors like header, footer, title, etc. But as the project grows, CSS selectors become troublesome.  

Drupal theme markup can get a little overwhelming for frontend developers due to which they often get confused about what selector to use while building the theme. As a result, they keep writing the same code over and over again and throw all your code at the end of your file because you just don’t care. And there you go: 500 lines of CSS completely unmaintainable.

In this session, I will share my learnings and experience of building themes for Drupal 8. We will learn how to approach a theme and how to proceed with creating a theme which is scalable, maintainable and cross-browser compatible.

The session will cover

  # Common pitfalls for Drupal theming
  # A quick overview of Drupal theme structure
  # Overriding markup for maintainable and understandable HTML
  # Writing component-based CSS files
  # Automated handling vendor prefixes for cross-browser compatibility

The session is suited for developers who are new to Drupal theming or want to start their Drupal theming journey.

Experience Level