Getting ready for Drupal 9!!

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With the announcement of the release of Drupal 9, there is a change in the philosophy of how Drupal as a project should be developed. Upgrading a site from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 should a relatively easy task provided your site is in sync with the latest minor releases of Drupal 8. 

But what about our custom module and custom code? How do we ensure that our custom modules are also compatible with Drupal 9? Well, we just need to regularly check and remove any and all deprecated code. A simple removal of deprecated drupal_set_message will make your module ~20% ready for Drupal 9.

The session will cover:

  # What's new in Drupal 9?
  # What are deprecations and how to handle them
  # How to check for deprecations
  # Keeping your module Drupal 9 ready
  # Integrating Drupal 9 readiness as part of your Continuous Integration process


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