Session Details

Prerequisite for attendees

Many web projects are moving targets - none of the people involved have a clear idea of what the final product should be. In this talk, I will share strategies and techniques the team at Specbee and I have adopted for making such projects concrete and tangible and, ultimately, more successful while delivering the highest value to our clients. 

We will not cover Scrum in general, but rather a specific set of agile project and account management skills that have proven useful.

What level of knowledge should you have come into this session?

  • Be familiar with basic of Agile Methodology
  • Understand simple project management concepts such as: resources, dependencies, tasks, and estimation.

Session Details/Overview

  • Why do we need to adopt Agile Principles?
  • Why Scrum or Kanban fit in Drupal projects?
  • What values can we deliver to make the client happy?
  • Strategies and techies
  • How to remove impediments to the ongoing project
  • How to inspect and adapt improve your project
  • Case study

Key takeaways

  • Agile project management
  • Tools and techniques for management
  • Scrum and Kanban ceremonies
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