Why Drupal CMS is a big League in contrast to variant CMS?

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Content Management System- A Software tool that lets users add, publish, edit, or remove content from a website using a web browser on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. 

Drupal CMS- This allows  developers to develop modules and applications using core library functions, with PHP as the primary programming language. Can be customized based on business needs.

In my session I would wish to share that why we should work with Drupal CMS than other also I would like to share my experience with the first CMS as Drupal.

  • Drupal | The only CMS you need (after Netbeans 6 - The only IDE you need)
  • Drupal | Authority Sites with ease
  • Drupal | Hard to pronounce, even harder to explain
  • Drupal | Drops make an ocean
  • Drupal | Powerful, Flexible, Scalable Open Source Content Management
  • Drupal | Empowering Web Construction
  • Drupal | Plumbing Community
  • Drupal | The Swiss Army Knife for Community Plumbing


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