Faster and better integration tests with Drupal Test Traits

Session Details

Using drupal-test-traits you can run tests in an existing Drupal site, with all necessary configurations installed. This leads to better integration tests. Unlike default Drupal test framework, you only install all the config once, and this leads to faster integration tests.

In this session, I will be talking about:

  1. Introduction of automated tests and how they are useful
  2. Types of tests we can write in Drupal, and how are they different
  3. How integration tests are useful
  4. Introduction of drupal-test-traits
  5. How drupal-test-traits is different from Drupal test framework
  6. What kind of tests you can write using drupal-test-traits
  7. How integration tests in drupal-test-traits are better and faster than in Drupal test framework
  8. Explain how to do a basic setup of tests using drupal-test-traits
  9. An example about how to write a simple test in drupal-test-traits - both unit and integration
  10. A demo about running the test in local machine
Experience Level